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Impress - 2016, Winter

The American President

Being the first issue of Impress ever, this issue was light on content. The magazine as a whole has grown and improved from this first issue. Please enjoy this article from our very first issue!

The American President

by George Liu

The American presidential election1 was in November this year. There were two candidates2: Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump was the winner.

Many people liked Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. She is also experienced3 in politics4.

Mrs. Clinton has been a politician5 since 2001, working with President Bush and President Obama.

Many other people liked Donald Trump because he is a businessman6. He is different from most politicians.

Mr. Trump is best known for his real estate7 business and the Miss Universe beauty pageants8.

Many people say that the USA needs to change so that candidates and the government9 are more like the people voting10.

Maybe that is why Mr. Trump won the election.

  1. Election 選挙
  2. Candidate 候補者
  3. Experienced 経験豊富な
  4. Politics 政治
  5. Politician 政治家
  6. Businessman ビジネスマン
  7. Real Estate 不動産
  8. Beauty Pageant 美人コンテスト
  9. Government 政府
  10. Vote 投票する
  1. Who won the election?
  2. In Japan, are there any politicians that you like? Why?
  3. What do you think makes a good leader?


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