Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush


“Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” is an old English song. Did you know silkworms eat mulberry leaves?

Play the game by making a circle, then do the action in the song!

「桑の木の周りを回ろう 」は古いイギリスの歌です。カイコはシルク作りに関係があるそうです。



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Here we go round the mulberry bush(桑の木の周りをまわろう)は、ポピュラーなイギリス民謡のひとつです。



“Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” is certainly a favourite nursery song staple. This isn’t only because circle games are always so good for socialising, but because it is a fun way to encourage good hygiene routines such as washing hands and brushing teeth.

(as you sing each verse you stand and perform the appropriate action, then join hands again and dance around in the circle for the chorus)
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Teaching Ideas

You could pre-teach actions vocabulary, meaning both the daily routines actions and also the classroom instructions they will need to understand to act out and sing the song properly. Instructions language that you might want to practice with TPR before you start the song include “Hold hands”, “Make a circle”, “Go round (this way/ that way/ clockwise/ anti-clockwise)”, “Stop” and “Sing (loudly/ quietly)”

It is very easy to adapt the song to language points other than daily routines. Here are some examples:

Classroom actions- “This is the way I line up to go/ put my book in my bag/ open my book”
Transport- “This is the way I ride my bike” (maybe on the spot or going round the circle)
Clothes- Putting on, taking off, polish my shoes, fold up, hang up, do up, etc
Sports- “This is the way we bounce the ball/ pass the ball/ throw the ball/ catch the ball/ run and jump”
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